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Relationship Counseling Specialist

PeachState Psychiatric Services

Psychiatrist located in Atlanta, GA

Healthy relationships are one of the most rewarding parts of life, as they create a sense of well-being you can’t achieve when you’re alone. Relationships can also be difficult to maintain and can sometimes become toxic. Dr. Dwight A. Owens at Peachstate Psychiatric Services provides relationship counseling to help you determine the causes of a difficult relationship and find ways to improve the dynamics. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Atlanta or book an appointment online.

Relationship Counseling Q & A

What types of relationships benefit from counseling?

Although relationship counseling is often synonymous with couples counseling, the fact is that every type of relationship can lead to stress and conflict.

Each person brings their own skills and challenges into the mix. For this reason, it’s inevitable that their individual values, experiences, and opinions will eventually clash to some degree.

Dr. Owen can help when you encounter conflicts in many relationships, such as those between:

  • Spouse or partner
  • Parent and child
  • Employer and employee
  • Siblings or other family members

What challenges cause problems for relationships?

Some patients who seek counseling know exactly what challenge caused the problem. You may learn you were betrayed by a partner’s infidelity or a boss who promoted someone into a position you were promised.

Parents may be at the end of their rope with an oppositional child. Financial struggles, stress, and substance abuse are all identifiable causes of relationship problems.

Others aren’t sure why their relationship is on unsteady ground. One day you may realize that you and your partner frequently argue, yet you can’t figure out when it started or how you got to that point.

Whether you know what triggered the problem, the point of relationship counseling is to help you get to the real underlying cause. Once you have that awareness, Dr. Owens helps you learn how to improve your relationships.

How can counseling improve your relationship?

When you enter relationship counseling, one of the goals is to identify the beliefs, experiences, and habits that direct the way you act in a relationship.

Depending on your circumstances, you may also learn to recognize the dynamics of unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships, such as codependency, abuse, and instances of coercion and control.

As you learn about yourself and the dynamics of your relationship, Dr. Owens helps you learn the skills you need to improve your relationships. You may discover better ways to communicate, negotiate, and respect those in the relationship.

What types of therapy are used during relationship counseling?

Dr. Owens is well trained in many types of therapies, so the method used is determined by your individual needs and circumstances. Several types of therapies are designed for couples, while other methods are better when exploring family dynamics.

A few examples of therapies include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Psychotherapy

When you find yourself unhappy with your partner or you need help with family or work relationships, call Peachstate Psychiatric Services or book an appointment online.